Greetings! I'm Jenny — the imaginative, rainbow-loving, Led Zeppelin-obsessed lady whose site you are currently on. 

I have a love for all things aesthetically pleasing and mystical. Finishing a project to the tiniest of details is something I'm really great at. Scrupulous is a word I would use to describe myself.

In 2015, I graduated from the University of Utah in Communications, New Media, and Art Technology; I've been designing professionally ever since. I'm currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah but am open to working with people all over the world.

In need of some graphic design? I'm your girl!

Please message me for my resume.

Here are some nice things people have said...

"We love the posters Jenny has designed for our business. She has great taste and is great to work with. We will definitely be choosing her for all our graphic design needs."
- Cassie Nicholls, Founder of STYLD' Blow Dry Bar
"Working with Jenny was one of the most rewarding design experiences I have had. She was incredibly thorough in her due diligence beforehand – spending time asking me not only every detail of the project but also really digging into the motivations driving it. Going into the design phase, I had almost no idea what I actually wanted it to look like, I only knew the message we wanted to convey. Despite that significant barrier, Jenny was able to develop visuals that were beyond anything I had really imagined. She captured perfectly the energy of the movement we were trying to build and directed it squarely at the demographic we were hoping to target. Beyond the incredible design though, working with Jenny helped me flush out the idea in ways I hadn’t been able to yet. I walked away with a more robust understanding of my own goals and desires for the project, and even more so for the emotions, we were looking to harness in others. I was able to take these insights back to the larger team and incorporate them in ways that helped shape the long-term direction of our efforts.
I had expected quality design work as I’d seen what Jenny had done in the past, but I had no idea the design process could have such an impact on what we were doing more broadly. But now looking back, I can’t quite even imagine how our project would have developed if it weren’t for the expansion of vision we underwent as a result of our working with Jenny."
- Samuel Grenny, Director of Community Engagement at Even Stevens
"Jenny started a graphic design business when she was nine years old. She put a binder together with pricing and samples for prospective clients and designed her own logo, a happy green frog. As she's moved through life, Jenny has impressed her peers with not only her creativity and raw talent,  but also with her ability to jump in and learn just about anything needed. Her creativity extends into the rest of her life beyond work--she's artful and purposeful in designing just about every aspect of her existence."
- Julie Wilding, Content Marketing Manager at DOMO
"Jenny has literally saved my life on more than one occasion. She is one of the most creative and driven people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Jenny is beautiful, talented, thoughtful and full of love; her work is a direct reflection of that. This industry needs more people like her."
- Dustin Grant, Carrier Specialist at Specialized
"Jenny is smart and very creative. She is a perfectionist and doesn't quit until the job is done."
- Scott Garbutt, Executive VP at Strategis Financial Group